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Welcome to MBS Technical Support, Service, Repair,
and Troubleshooting Department.
Printer Problems  ?
Copier Problems  ?
Fax Machine Problems ?

No Problem !         If you contact us.

Call us at  (713) 688-8003 0r email:

We have some of the best factory trained technicians to
repair and service copiers, fax machines and printers. As
you may already know, with rising costs and the increasing
technical aspects of today's copiers you need the experts
on your side. From circuit boards to document feeder
assemblies, we can fix them all and at a fraction of the cost
of a new machine. Do not hesitate to contact us with your
questions and problems. We are ready to assist you so
that you can get back to business.

Software Downloads & Manuals

FAQ & Troubleshooting Tips  Canon 3170 Fax

FAQ & Troubleshooting Tips Canon 710 Fax & 730i Fax

Our On-Site Service Rates:
In Houston:  $95.00 per hour plus parts. *

Rates Include Copier Service, Fax Service, Printer Service,
Network Connectivity & Software Installation.
Travel Time Charges not included in hourly rate prices. Call for travel rates
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Refurbished Canon IR 3300 Copier
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