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Canon 730i Technical Support

The Canon 730i fax machine has some of the most advanced technical
features that you will find on any business class fax machine on the market
today. These features included Scan to Email, Scan to Network via FTP Server,
Network Printing, Fax Forwarding via the transfer mode and sending faxes via
the fax and through the PC. Click on the links below for instructions on how to
setup these tasks. Also listed below are troubleshooting tips to help you with
any problems you may encounter.

Problem 1:  The fax machine prints a black line or white line down the middle of
the page on the confirmation report, but not when you receive a fax
or print any other report other than the confirmation report.

Problem 2:  The fax machine prints a black line or black spot on any received
fax or any report.

Problem 3:   Documents are not being pulled into the automatic document
feeder or multiple pages are fed through the auto document

Problem 4:  Pages are jamming inside the machine under the toner cartridge or
near the fuser. The pages appear like an accordian.

Problem 5:  Paper does not feed properly from the paper cassettes

Problem 6:  Machine Does not recognize toner cartridge

Problem 7:  Machine Does not recognize paper in machine