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Canon 3170 Technical Support

The Canon 3170  fax machine is a very versatile business class fax machine.  
Listed below are troubleshooting tips to help you with any problems you may

Problem 1: The fax machine prints a black line or white line down the middle of
the page on the confirmation report, but not when you receive a fax
or print any other report other than the confirmation report.

Problem 2:  The fax machine prints a black line or black spot on any received
fax or any report.

Problem 3:  Documents are not being pulled into the automatic document
feeder or multiple pages are fed through the auto document
Problem 4:  Pages are jamming inside the machine under the toner cartridge or
near the fuser. The pages are crumpled like an accordian.

Problem 5:  Paper does not feed properly from the paper cassettes

Problem 6:  Machine Does not recognize toner cartridge

Problem 7:  Machine Does not recognize paper in machine

Problem 8:  Paper Size Error Indicated